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Pandora Unicorns - Mega App:

This app is intended for use with your families, friends, and peoples you know and trust. Only make transactions in public places! Any illegal use will result in account suspension.
Pandora Unicorns app is 100% free. Any fee you paid, you paid each other. Pandora Unicorns keep $0 cents.
Any personal information you provide will be seen only by others who you do business with. Pandora Unicorns 100% privacy and does not make any profit from your personal information.
All information is encapsulation end-to-end form. Password and Pin are encoded. In additional to 256-Bits SSL website - Feel Safe!

  • Now you can create your own personal or company symbol and lets your friends and families invest in you, your future, your idea, your invention or anything. A 15 minutes interval Stocks trading platform developed by Pandora Unicorns.

  • Send money to your families and friends and peoples you know anywhere. Peer-to-peer in-person banking. Make Deposit or Cashout money. You can sign up and be a SEME banker. You earn 3% commission when someone wants to make cashout/withdraw.

  • Create your own loan terms. Let families, friends and someone you trust borrow money. Setup loan terms. Charge an initial fee. You become a lender!

  • Fund ME Page. Create your fund campaign. All money rises, you keep 100%. No FEE! 100% FREE! Pandora Unicorns does not keep any money you raise.

Register and be SEME Banker as little as $50.00. Earn a 3% commission on every CASHOUT/WITHDRAW transaction.