October 4, 2019


Send Everyone Money Everywhere (SEME). A Peer-to-Peer in-person ATM for families, friends, and anyone you know.

Send money to your families and friends and anyone you know anywhere. Peer-to-peer in-person ATM. You can sign up and be a SEME ATM. Make Deposit or Cashout transaction. You earn 3% commission when someone wants to make cashout/withdraw.

SEME banker – To be ATM/banker you must have at least $50.00 in your account. When you activated SEME bank status, you can accept deposit and cashout transaction.

Send Money – Send money to anyone anywhere. See video.

Deposit Money – Make a deposit. In-person transaction. See video.

Cashout Money – Make cashout/withdraw. In-person transaction. See video.

* Cashout – Make transaction of $10.00 interval, 3% commission will apply to SEME banker. If not an interval of $10.00, due to rounding, 0.01% of the transaction will go to PandoraUnicorns .

** Only do business with someone you know and trust. Meet in public place to make a deposit or Cashout transaction. Please do not risk your safety for few dollars.

*** You are only allow to be a Peer-to-peer in-person ATM in country you are residence of. Follow all laws and regulations in your country.